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There may be millions of pictures around in today’s image banks, but nothing quite captures the magic of beautifully shot, original photography to emotionally connect with your audience and stay with them as a powerful mental image of your brand. As they say, every picture tells a story and we will find the right photographer to create the perfect image for your product or service, with all projects overseen from start to photo finish by our team of experienced designers.

photography 3d fashion shoot
photography fashion shoot girl

A picture is worth a thousand words

Every picture tells a story and nothing does this more so that a brilliant photo. Great photography is not just about accurately depicting an image and then putting it on show; your audience needs to be ‘wowed’ so that they stop and look twice, and then look again. Once you have gotten under their skin, your photos have done their work and the call to action is initiated.

photography nhs nurses

The right photo

Photographers are artists and understand that whatever photos are produced, they need to make a statement, enforce or produce an emotion and ensure firm commitment. If you think of photography as an alternative form of language, then you will be on the right track. When we create photos for clients, we communicate empathically with you first, ensuring that we are all on the same wavelength. This way, the ultimate end message is maximised, no matter where the photograph is used or how many times it is shown.

photography menu design detail
photography corporate brochure shoot
photography product shoot

What types of photos?

We produce photos and imagery for a broad range of products. From website images to company brochures, product details, property illustrations, staff team photos and much more. A good photographer can produce an award winning image of anything, and that is the sort of expertise that we possess. Even the most difficult shots in complex conditions come out looking stunningly alluring and influential. We create photography that makes a real impact.

Images that work

All of our work is created in a quality way, ensuring that you receive the best possible images that will work hard for your business. We won’t hustle you with hidden costs or delay on production. Final images will be technically perfect but most of all will carry the message that they are supposed to. We deal with all image processing and any post production alterations or fine tuning is included.

We only want you to work with the best, and with Diagram Design, that is what you get.

Allow us to bring your images to life, wherever and whatever they may be. With us you receive full and attentive service from beginning to end.

Chat with a member of our team now and get ready to benefit from our winning ways with imagery.

Work with us

Whatever you need, we can sort it out

Vanliners Logo Design

Logo Design

A logo is key to any successful business and it’s crucial you get it right. We understand exactly what your brand needs to stand out in the business world and will deliver a unique company logo that you can be proud of.

revolution bars group logo brand design


An effective brand identity is so much more than a logo, it’s that intuitive feeling people have about you and more often than not its most valuable asset.

Illustration Design Graphics


We deliver quality illustration services, whether that’s an illustrated menu, a technical diagram,  a fancy book cover, hand drawn product illustrations or even portraits we do it all.

Menu Design Yard and Coop

Menu Design

We provide food and drink menu services for bars and restaurants including copywriting, design, illustration, photography, layout and printing.

brian alfred thumb

Professional Stationery

Give your business a high quality, recognisable brand image with professional stationery design. We produce all your businesses stationery needs including note cards, thank you cards, letterheads and envelopes.

bluebird press flyer design

Flyers, Posters, Banners & More

We design and print POS including leaflets, flyers, posters, banners, plastic cards, voucher booklets, light box and outdoor posters, billboards and more.

Tshirt Promotional Material

Promotional Material

We design, print and deliver promotional material including blackboards, vinyl displays, pop up displays, pull up banners, tshirts, mugs, promotional cards, pens, bunting, stickers, branded wristbands, badges and more.

Puddini at the Deli Brochure Design


There may be millions of pictures around in today’s image banks, but nothing quite captures the magic of beautifully shot, original photography to emotionally connect with your audience.

bridgewater school website design

Website Design

At Diagram Design, we live and breathe web design and enjoy nothing more than creating websites and bringing them to life. We’ll help develop your brand into an online arena.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for please get in touch.
The graphic design services above are only a handful of things we provide.


What we’ve done

Deaf Institute Menu Design

Revolución de Cuba Brunch Menu

Revolución de Cuba Brunch Menu

Revolución de Cuba Cantina Menu

Revolución de Cuba Cantina Menu

WHH NHS Digital Nurse Recruitment Campaign

WHH NHS Digital Nurse Recruitment Campaign

Alder Hey Annual Report

Alder Hey Annual Report

Revolution – I ♥ Vodka

Revolution – I ♥ Vodka