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Evolution Rebrand for Revolution


Evolution Campaign

Evolution Campaign for Revolution

Project Content

Cocktail Booklet, Corporate Booklet, Posters, Press Adverts, Opening Invites, Digital Assets, Social Media Assets, Postcards, Envelopes, Hoardings, Van Livery, Window Displays, Receipt Holder


Revolution Vodka Bars decided it was time to refresh their entire brand. Firstly they changed the name to ‘Revolution Cocktails and Kitchen’ and then secondly wanted to roll out new branding across all the bars. Their ‘umbrella’ campaign for this development was called ‘Evolution’. They wanted a campaign/branding to be inline with the bars new interiors which had a rustic, vintage, heritage feel to it. Predominantly aiming towards food sales rather than drink sales.

Revolution Vodka Design
Revolution Graphic Design Agency
Evolution Campaign Design
Revolution Vodka Bar Coming Soon
Evolution Graphic Design


The solution was to create a retro brand with a modern twist. We focused on vintage fonts and introduced textures to give the brand extra depth. We then injected the designs with modern vibrant colours which gave it a whole new look. We produced a range of products/material from the initial logo to scratch cards to invites to social media assets. We decided to split the whole development into a two step process; the first was for ‘pre-opening’ which included designs for hoardings, window displays, a pre-facebook campaign, press ads and other design bits to generate brand awareness. The second part was ‘post-opening’ which was in place to strengthen the brand and included flyers, posters, booklets, postcards, a receipt holder and coupons.

Evolution Revolution Evolving
Evolution Kitchen Menu Design
Evolution Graphics Company
Menu Design Evolution Revolution
Revolution Vodka Bar Evolution Design
Revolution Vodka Bar Scratch Card
Coming Soon Evolution Posters
New Revolution Vodka Bar Design
Evolution Reservation Sign
Evolution Bus Stop Billboard

Client Details

Revolution Cocktails and Kitchen,