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Revolución de Cuba Rum Club

Revolución de Cuba

Monthly Rum Club Campaigns

rum club logo banner main

Project Content

Posters, Flyers, Specials Menu, Facebook Assets


Revolución de Cuba wanted us to create a monthly Rum Club Campaign for everyones favourite Rums. We were tasked with designing assets each month for a new brand, to help the bars host events and taster nights to celebrate their love of rums from around the world.

rum club postcard design
rum club logo poster detail
rum club graphic design poster
rum club poster designs set


Whilst maintaining the brands existing style we reflected the fun and vibrant essence of Revolución de Cuba. A keen eye for fonts, colours and illustration, plus a good understanding of the brands were needed to allow the campaigns to come together in an end result that speaks for itself.

rum club postcard design
rum club graphic design flyer detail
rum club folded poster design
rum club bacardi flyer design
rum club logo poster close up
rum club flyer designs set

Client Details

Revolución de Cuba,