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Revolution I Love Vodka


I Love Vodka

love vodka main

Project Content

Posters, Flyers, Specials Menu, Balloons, Bags, Tshirts and Hoodies


Revolution Vodka Bars have always been all about the Vodka and they wanted us to create a bright and fun, high end student campaign that would really help them shout about it.

love vodka colour logos
love vodka cocktail menu
love vodka flavour bottle
love vodka framed poster
love vodka brand set
love vodka brown bag


Revolution’s brand is all about the Vodka, so we focused on making the vodka bottle centre of attention, the bright colours and simple fonts convey a sense of fun that has been rooted in the bar since day one. We rolled the campaign out across a multitude of different formats including posters and flyers to balloons and giveaways to appeal to students¬†and give them a real feel for the I Love Vodka Brand.

love vodka heart of the party
love vodka tshirt design
love vodka menu cover blue
love vodka menu covers stack

Client Details

Revolution Bars,