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Statham Lodge Hotel Website

Statham Lodge Hotel

Responsive Website and local SEO

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Mobile Responsive Website, On-going SEO maintenance, Events System


Statham Lodge Hotel wanted to refresh their flat html website that hadn’t been updated for a number of years. Included in this refresh they wanted to have the ability to update and manage content including upcoming events. They wanted the website to be mobile responsive and showcase full screen imagery of the hotel. It was important to improve their Google rankings within the Warrington area.

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Statham Lodge Hotel bespoke website design makes full use of high resolution imagery and minimalistic page designs. We used natural line breaks and clear headers to break up the text heavy pages. On the technical side, we built in a back image slider which enables the hotel to easily update the images themselves.

The entire website has been given an SEO makeover in which we are continually improving and are gradually pushing the website towards the top of Google rankings for a variety of keywords.

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Statham Lodge Hotel,