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Vodka Revolution Menu Design – Open to Begin


Open to Begin Menu Launch Campaign

Kaleidoscope Pattern Design Revolution

Project Content

Branding, Cocktail Menu


Revolution Vodka Bars latest menu campaign was to increase sales throughout the start of the new year. Revolution wanted something contemporary for the bars, visually striking, product focused and to reinforce the brand identity.

Cocktail Menu Designs
Cocktail Menu Patterns
Cocktail Menu Pattern Designs
Hooch Cocktail Design
Revolution Cocktail Box


The finished menu designs were based on retro kaleidoscope toys. The kaleidoscope imagery was made up of Revolution Vodka Bar products including their drinks and cocktails. The end results were visually striking, colourful and pushed their brand into a whole new dimension.

Revolution Vodka Bar Shot Designs
Revolution Menu Design
Revolution Vodka Menu
Cocktail Menu Pattern Cover
Cocktail Menu Pattern Design
Pitchers Typography
Vodka Flavours Artwork
Hobo Mohitos Design

Client Details

Revolution Cocktails and Kitchen,